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About Us

Wanda comes from a long line of Sunday-Go-To-Meeting-Church-Hat-Wearing-Women. Her late Mother and Aunt were her greatest inspiration. They were the essence of style, elegance, beauty and grace. Watching them and the ladies of the church was like a fashion show every Sunday.

Wanda’s hats are custom, hand-stitched and embellished. She loves to use various techniques. One of her favorite is overlay, combining satin with a mesh overlay, silk with a layer of lace, or mosaic tile on leather, etc. She is fascinated by fascinators and wide, wide brim hats. Pillbox hats are also her pleasure. She uses materials such as wool, straw, wood, stone, plastic, vinyl, paper and other medium. She credits Stephen Jones with some basic advice that helped her creative eye to focus and use nontraditional construction.

Wanda is a member of the Milliners Guild and the Headwear Association. She attended Pratt Institute for Fashion Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology for Millinery. Wanda's "Sienna Clock Hat" was featured in Westchester Magazine's April 2014 issue. She was featured in the Staten Island Advance Newspaper April 20, 2013,front page article. Wanda has been written up in various blogs and Hat Talk Newsletter. She has participated in various Benefit, Scholarship, Church, High Teas, Extravaganzas, Fashion and Hat Shows. 

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